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Ashley VanCleef, Esq.  

Ashley VanCleef is not only an experienced attorney but also a certified special educator.  Prior to joining the Law Office of Brian K. Gruber, P.C., Ms. VanCleef led the Resolution and Compliance Unit (RACU) and served as the 504 Coordinator for the Montgomery County Public Schools (MCPS) in Maryland. There she instituted informal, collaborative solutions to assist families and school system staff to resolve concerns through the least adversarial means focusing on win-win resolutions. As an attorney for parents, she continues to find dynamic approaches to resolving concerns with student focused outcomes. 

Ms. VanCleef also worked as a resource teacher for middle schools, nonpublic schools, and compliance in Howard County Public Schools in Maryland.  Prior to moving to Maryland, Ms. VanCleef worked for the state departments of education in both Texas and Oklahoma providing compliance monitoring of school districts, technical assistance for families to access the dispute resolution options of Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA), and providing statewide training on special education requirements.

Ms. VanCleef works with multiple groups to provide professional learning on federal and state education requirements.  Ms. VanCleef is an adjunct professor at Morgan State University where she teaches Legal Aspects of Educational Administration and has been a guest lecturer for other colleges.  Ms. VanCleef is a member of the Maryland State Bar Association, Frederick County Bar Association, and Mental Health Management Authority Board of Directors for Frederick County. In her spare time, Ms. VanCleef enjoys spending time with her children and husband, running as a Captain for Athletes Serving Athletes, and volunteering with her church youth group. Ms. VanCleef can be reached by calling the office phone number of by email at